Beginning its 25th year, A Woman's Garden is the only garden in our nation conceived, constructed and maintained by the collaborative funding efforts of women. "Ablaze with color every season, A Woman's Garden sits majestically as a living testament to the passion and vision of the Women's Council founders and boundless energy and devotion of its members today."  Our beautiful garden celebrates the power, creativity, resourcefulness, passion and unwavering commitment of women across generations coming together to support a common goal. 
Our theme this year is “All Things Bright and Beautiful!” We are truly looking forward to a year of blooming friendships, flowers and fundraising for our garden; all the while enjoying general meetings, educational programs, local tours and travel.  
To join online, please click on MEMBERSHIP in the menu column.  You may also print off a membership form if you wish to mail in your paperwork and  payment.
Thank you for your partnership through your membership and gifts of time, talents and treasure!  We look forward to welcoming new members and greeting return members once again in A Woman’s Garden.
Lisa Loy Laughlin
(Mrs. Kendall A. Laughlin)
Women's Council President