This year's theme, Art of Chic, was inspired by A Woman's Garden and the Dallas Arboretum which welcomes over a million people per year (Patti Flowers).   Venise and Patti thank the loyal sponsors and underwriters who have given so generously to this year's Mad Hatter's Tea and hope they will continue to be thoughtful in their giving.  After this crisis passes, the gardens and events at the Arboretum will be needed even more as we continue to welcome people from all over the world.  We want, more than ever, to have a beautiful and pristine garden to embrace them (Venise Stuart). 

If you would like to make a donation for
A Woman's Garden, please go to our
Donations page. 
Be sure to say for Mad Hatter's.

Underwriters as of April 15, 2020

Chic Chapeau
Empress Gilbert, Empressive Earth Gallery

Garden of Dance
Robin Carreker, Patti Flowers, Venise Stuart

Garden of Art
Sharon Ballew, Suzanne Caruso, Angela Fontana, Park Place Lexus, Pegasus Bank, Penny Reid-Nolan, SIDLEY, Veritex

Garden of Stories
Patricia Allen, Dr. Linda Burk, Patricia Dedman Nail, Vida Flores, Jacqueline Ondracek, Misty Smathers, Faith Spitz, Westwood Management

        Charlotte Comer, Lisa Cooley, Sara Martineau, Betty Secker, Joanie Stephens, Donna Stracener, Marilyn Weber, The Wilson Foundation
Hat Judges

Tanya Foster - Lifestyle Blogger
Empress Gilbert - Empressive Earth Gallery
Guiliano Matarese - Executive Chef, Mille Lire
Kim Noltemy - CEO Dallas Symphony Orchestra
Tanya Taylor - TOOTSIES featured clothing designer
Joe Vilaiwan - Fine Jewelry

Regina Bruce & Joni Krieg chaired the delightful reception at Empressive Earth Gallery which was hosted by Empress Gilbert and her son, Micah Gilbert.

In addition to sponsoring the fashion show, TOOTSIES has been a faithful sponsor of Mad Hatter’s Tea’s special events over the years, including hosting this year’s Theme Reveal Party. They have hosted numerous parties and receptions including trunk shows and have brought in renowned fashion designers and milliners, who often served as hat judges.  Special thanks goes to Nerissa Von Helpenstill and Dustin Holcomb for their continued friendship and support.