Board of Directors
2022 - 2023

President - Sarah Jo Hardin*

President Elect - Karen Sargent*

1st Vice President - Leadership - Lisa Meyer
2nd Vice President - Fundraising - Ginger Sager*

3rd Vice President - Communications - Sandy Ammons
4th Vice President - Membership - Barbara Averitt*

5th Vice President - Programs -    
                                                  Kimberly Yamanouchi
6th Vice President - Service & Education - Susan Fisk
7th Vice President - Donor Development -
                                Patricia Cowlishaw & Linda Spina                                             
8th Vice-President - Garden Projects -
                                        Sarah Andry & Pier Burgess                                                                                                                                            
Recording Secretary - Nancy Cates

Corresponding Secretary - Lauren Roe

Treasurer - Karen Keith*

Assistant Treaurer - Sarah Frazee Mills

Historian - Claire Catrino

Parliamentarian - Lisa Loy Laughlin*


Fall Fundraiser - A Writer's Garden -
                                Therese Rourk & Dyann Skelton
Spring Fundraiser - Mad Hatter's Tea - 
                                Anne Stodghill & Kristina Wrenn 


*Members of the Executive Committee

Committee Chairs

Board Arrangements & Hospitality - 
                                         Susan Geyer & Gail Vesledahl
Bylaws & Governance - Cindy Langford*
Care and Concern - Carole Ann Brown
Constant Contact - Renee Querbes Farren
Endowments/40th Anniversary Gala - Sharon Ballew
Finance - Karen Keith
Founders Award - Renee Querbes Farren 
General Membership Meetings - Kimberly Yamanouchi
     Fall General Meeting - Mari Epperson & Marcy Jones
     December General Meeting - Cindy Williams, Karen
                          Karen Yaguchi, Patty Ken, & Paige Elliott  
     Annual Membership Meeting -
                             Sharon Walker and Gail Vesledahl
History - Bettina Hennessy
Inventory & Archives - Mary Ellen Winborn
Lisianthus Society & Planned Giving - Dorothea Meltzer
Long Range Planning - Kay Weeks
Membership Engagement/Birthday Parties - Michelle Mew
Name Tags - Pepsi Windland
New Member Party/Fun Fridays - Colby Baer & Niki Turner

Newsletter - Sandy Secor
Social Media - Janie Richardson
Technology - Carolyn Tobin
Telephone - Giana dePaul
Tribute Cards - Kathy Cothrum
Trips and Special Events
    Day Trips -
          Suzanne Caruso, Eleanor Casey & Janet Sue Rush 
    Fall Garden Symposium
          Renee Farren & Bettina Hennessy & Sarah Andry                                 
    Couples Social Event - Jill Goldberg & Emily Maduro
    Spring Educational Trip - Nancy Connor
Volunteer Days - Susan Banks & Kim Kotria
Volunteer Hours & Reports - Sharon Popham
Website - Connie Rhoades
Yearbook - Deborah Brown

Members at Large

Nikki Beneke, Barbara Bigham, Katherine Blair, Marena Gault, Sue John, JoAnne McCullough & Patti Flowers

      Advisory Board
Melissa Lewis - Chair 
Linda Spina
Venise Stuart
Kay Weeks
Lisa Loy Laughlin

Endowment Trust Trustees Committee

Emilynn Wilson  ('19-'22)     Linda Spina  ('20-'23)
Kay Weeks ('21-'24)

     Endowment Oversight Committee

Patricia Cowlishaw ('19-'22)    Emilynn Wilson ('20-'23)
Venise Stuart ('21-'24)
   Advisory Board Honorary Members 
Sharon Barbee
Sally Berry
Nancy Bierman

Patti Brown
Sarah Gannon
 Nancy Murphy
Helen Nixon