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Founded in 1982, the Women's Council supports the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden and A Woman's Garden.  A Woman's Garden is the only public garden in the nation conceived by women, funded by the efforts of women, and dedicated to the universal spirit of women.  All financial support for A Woman's Garden comes from the fundraising efforts of the Women's Council.

Since 1986, the major the goal of the Women's Council has been the funding for the design, construction, and endowment of a major garden at the Dallas Arboretum.  To that end, A Woman's Garden was conceived and became a reality with the opening of Phase I in September 1997 and the opening of Phase II in May 2006.  Funding has been accomplished by the proceeds from annual fundraising events and by the generosity of the benefactors who have honored the Women's Council with financial gifts in the naming of features of the Garden.  It is with grateful appreciation that the Women's Council recognizes these patrons and offers sincere thanks to each of them.

A Woman's Garden was created out of a deep respect for nature and the feminine ideal.  As the Garden continues to develop, it has transformed the City of Dallas with its enduring legacy of inspired design.

Internationally recognized Landscape Architect Morgan Wheelock's visionary Master Plan continues to unfold through the Women's Council Garden Development projects.  Working year-round with Texas Landscape Architect Warren Hill Johnson for site analysis, planning, design, and installation, the artisan "pocket" gardens of Phase II create aesthetically beautiful and meaningful spaces that offer the spiritual renewal central to Wheelock's concept for A Woman's Garden
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A video that gives a wonderful accounting of the early history of the Women's Council and A Woman's Garden.  Thank you to Connie Carreker for producing this lovely and informative video.