The Lisianthus Society
The Lisianthus Society was created in 2015 to recognize Members and Friends for their generosity, dedication and support of the Women’s Council’s annual fundraising events.
The Lisianthus flower is an elegant beauty grown in the southern United States and a descendent of the North American wildflower. Also known as a Texas Bluebell, it is native to Texas and is similar in appearance to a rose with double varieties resembling peonies.  It is the perfect symbol for the beauty, grace, strength and spirit of women so wonderfully celebrated in A Woman’s Garden.
With a yearly contribution of $500 and above, one may become a member of the Society.  These are ways you may do so: 
  • Yearly Membership Dues at $500 or above
  • A Writer’s Garden Ticket at $500 or above
  • A Mad Hatter’s Tea Ticket at $500 or above
  • Participation in our Annual Appeal at $500.00 or above
  • Participation as an Underwriter/Sponsor at an event at $500.00 or above
As a Lisianthus Society member, you will receive an Invitation to an exclusive Spring event honoring you as a member of The Lisianthus Society as well as special recognition in the annual yearbook.