September 19 - November 1
    Autumn at the Arboretum - The Art of the Pumpkin

Wednesday, October 21    Fall Trip/Lunch - Sold Out

Friday, October 30             Fun Friday

November 7 - December 11
Holiday at the Arboretum

Tuesday, November 17    A Writer's Garden

Friday, November 20         Fun Friday

Monday, November 30      Mad Hatter's Reveal

Tuesday, December 1       Winter Meeting
Friday, December 18         Fun Friday

Wednesday, January 6     Board Meeting

Friday, January 29            Fun Friday

February 10 or 11             Social Event (TBD)

Friday, February 26          Fun Friday

February 20 - April 11     Dallas Blooms

Thursday, March 4           Board Meeting

Friday, March 26              Fun Friday 

Wednesday, April 7          Board Meeting

April TBD                         Spring Volunteer Day

April TBD                         Founders Award

April TBD                         Patron Party (Mad Hatter's)

Thursday, April 15         Mad Hatter's Tea

May 3-7                           Spring Away Trip

Wednesday, May 5         Social Event (TBD)

Wednesday, May 19       Annual Meeting

May TBD                         Lisianthus Society Event